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Click on each heading below for more information. Because every project is different, rates vary depending on its nature and complexity. That's not about being cagey or coy; it's about being fair to you, to me, and to the project in question. 

For your money, you get an uncommon depth of experience, expertise, and reliability. (The great attitude and pleasant demeanor are thrown in for free.) If you'd like to hear from other satisfied clients, just say the word and we'll provide the contact info. Let’s talk about the specifics of your project ( and see what makes sense.

Rush projects welcome. 


A good translator not only understands the source language, but also writes well in the target language, to competently convey not only the ideas, but also the voice of the author. Barry is the translator of four major published books from Italian to English.

Editing & Proofreading

A good editor is not a schoolmarm scold, but a master polisher who makes the gem gleam brighter. We offer developmental editing, substantive editing, or copyediting.

Writing & Copywriting

Need someone who has a way with words -- and an impressive track record 

to prove it? Come to us for marketing copy, social media posts, articles, speeches, reports, ghostwriting (even books), and more.

Project Development & Management

Every great idea needs effective follow-through. We'll provide the development, organization, communication, and coordination of people and resources to bring you an edit-ready manuscript -- or even a finished book shipped to your warehouse.

For Aspiring Authors

I bring a wealth of experience and a love of the process to help you get your proposal ready and your book published.

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