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Your publishing program is already great. But you and your fine staff are busy (to put it mildly). As IdeaHouse, Barry Hudock offers you the smarts, the creativity, and the experience to expand your capacity and help you get more great stuff doneI offer exceptional 

developmental editing

It's the kind of work I've been doing with a high level of professionalism, alacrity, and success, in the publishing business and beyond, for many years. My experience runs deep, and my track record means you can be confident about the results. 

In addition to my work with publishers, I am also available to work directly with writers. How helpful to your writing career would it be to receive the feedback of someone who is both a well-published, award-winning freelance writer and a publishing professional with years of full-time experience in acquisitions and more?

Take a look around this site, and contact me ( to talk about your project!


Editing & Proofreading

Project Management & Development

Writing & Copywriting

For Aspiring Authors

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